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New to the AdaptivOps Community? Here's everything you need to know!

  • 16 March 2020
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New to the AdaptivOps Community? Here's everything you need to know!
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Is this your first visit to the AdaptivOps community? Welcome! We’re happy to have you here!

What is the AdaptivOps Community? :thinking:

Simply put, this is the first cross-functional community built for operations people.  Here, we believe that ops teams are unsung heroes who have the power to create monumental change within their organizations :punch_tone3: . Our mission is to empower those individuals to make an impact, while providing a space for them to geek out on all things Ops with like minded individuals :nerd:— through the sharing of knowledge, best practices, resources, and tools— all relating to operations. 


Who is this community for? :spy_tone4:

AdaptivOps is cross-functional, meaning we welcome all areas of operations; rev ops, sales ops, legal ops, marketing ops, customer success ops, marketing ops, etc. Our vision is to build a space where operations individuals can share their issues, challenges, and ideas across industries. 


A (really) quick tour :footprints:

The basic setup of our community is simple:

Getting Started
(You’re here now!) New to AdaptivOps? Visit me first!


Community Guidelines
Check these out first to see what we are all about.


Community Values

Learn about the AdaptivOps vision & values here.


Operations Community
The main forum where you can post any and all things ops related. Struggling with an Ops related matter? Want to share an article with an interesting solution? Post to the Community :point_right_tone1:

News & Updates
This is where you can see upcoming webinars and events related to operations. Know of an operations event in your area or online? Post it to news and updates. Visit News & Updates :point_right_tone4:


Job Board
Looking for your next opportunity or hiring for a new role in operations? Share it to the Job Board :point_right_tone5:


Now, get started here by introducing yourself to the community!

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