How has working remote impacted you/your team?

  • 19 March 2020
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Hey all,

I’ve noticed that working remotely has been a bigger transition than I thought it would be. While the benefits of remote work are obvious, there’s definitely some changes I’m still adjusting to, both on a personal level (WAY more free time but no gym access, lack of social interaction, etc.) and on a work level (building/maintaining relationships with coworkers takes intentional effort, communicating remotely has its own sort of sub-culture to get used to, and more). Some processes/approvals take longer than they used to since you can’t just walk up to your teammates and talk to them.

Curious as to what other people are going through, and how you’ve accommodated remote work! If anyone has any experience working remotely, I’d love to get more tips.

4 replies

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I’m personally struggling with focus. People don’t like to admit this, but when you have all the distractions of your home life at your fingertips, it can be hard to get in “the zone” and really be productive. What I’ve taken to doing is setting up 1-2 hour work blocks, then taking a quick 10 min walk around the block to create some space between myself and the house. It’s really helped me focus and I get to look forward to my walk if I finish a project, which motivates me to get it done. 

I think this time is going to create a force-function for companies to have to learn how to improve their operations. I’m interested to see if companies adjust after this is all over, or if they simply go back to the way they were. On our end, we’ve moved our daily stand-ups to video first thing in the morning. This forces everyone to have to “get ready” for the workday and jump right in. It’s a great way to mimic the office setting of saying “good morning” when you walk in, etc. 

Tons of advice out there right now, much of it overlapping one another and not a lot of it actionable. Some companies are setup better than others to abruptly be forced to go full remote, but the principles for all companies remain the same. A lot of folks think “going remote” will completely blow up how you communicate and how things get done. In actuality, many companies (specifically leadership) need to do some introspective work on HOW work is even getting done IN THE OFFICE. If you look upstream, inside your company now, there’s a good chance your not even running optimally or efficiently as it is in an office environment, so of course remote work will probably exploit that.

I talk about this in more depth in a video I did so that our entire company could get aligned on making things work from the comfort of our own homes. At the end of the day, it’s a bit of a mindset change, some tactical pieces you need to put in place, and collective buy-in from your team and everything will be ok!

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That is SUPER helpful Rory, thank you!



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