What is your favorite project management tool?

  • 6 July 2020
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Hey Ops Peeps, 


We hit 100+ members this month! 


New members: What is your favorite project management tool? 


Let the debate begin :wink:





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6 replies

We use Teamwork for both project management and Teamwork Desk for our support department at TheeDigital. We are a web design and digital marketing agency in Raleigh, NC. We used Basecamp and Avaza in the past, and we’re pretty happy with Teamwork now.



Been using Wrike for the past 2 years. We like it a lot.

Asana! It is a great project management tool, easy to use, and integrates with other platforms (Google Drive, Box, etc.).

Our team communicates on the platform, so everything stays in one place (as opposed to emailing, slacking, zooming, etc.). I would highly recommend!

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I look forward to learning more about these tools.  We currently use Smartsheet and will soon begin migrating to a more robust PM tool built on the Smartsheet  platform called LaunchPM.  We developed it in response to some of our clients’ needs (we are a professional services firm).  However, it doesn’t yet integrate with systems or efficiently capture project communication as you’ve shared some of these tools do.  Given we will be embarking on a journey to transition to a new PSA, our requirements in this space are definitely in scope.  I’ve got these three on my list to explore - thanks for sharing!

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Love this question! Thanks for bringing it up Briana!

Asana is my absolute favorite because it is fluid enough that almost everyone can make it work for their own comfort (seamlessly switch from To Do to Board view, dynamic Calendar and Timeline views...). I also love that you can really create 3 layers of information (to do / board for the individual, project and teams for a larger group and teams / portfolios for higher level visibility).

I haven’t been able to replicate that layer with other tools but maybe they can and I haven’t figured it out.

When I need to recommend a tool for a team, I like to consider who are the users and the stakeholders, what do they want to achieve with the tool. These tools are not solely a software, they are also a representation of the company culture and the company needs at different stages of its growth (how information flows, how decisions are made, how is risk managed...). 

Curious to hear and learn from others what makes their favorite tool their favorite!

I agree with Keri.  I used Teamwork in my last role and it was great.  Simple interface, easy to learn and powerful.  Needed better reporting tools but they were aware of that and developing the next phase when I left that role.  I wanted to use Teamwork Desk at my current role for our field service requests but that is a future project.  I have used BaseCamp, Monday and Trello in the past.  Really liked Trello as well when I was working in a software development environment.


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