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New to the AdaptivOps community? Introduce yourself here! Please include 3-5 lines on:

  • Name, title
  • Brief professional background
  • Why you joined AdaptivOps
  • How you can help others in the community

I’ll start. My name is Briana Okyere and I’m your Community Moderator. I have 5+ years experience in community building, and am excited to apply that expertise to making this an awesome environment for all things Ops! Reach out to me with any questions that come to you. I’m always happy to help! And don’t forget to check out our “Getting Started” Guide! 

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Hey! Max here, excited to be a part of this community. I’m a Growth Marketing Specialist out of the Bay Area. I work at a high growth startup, so I wear many hats on the marketing team, and am always looking for operations hacks to increase productivity. I can help out anyone who is looking for growth marketing advice, or just wants to chat all things Ops!


Hey everyone I’m Ben. I have 5+ years of enterprise sales experience, so if anyone is in Sales Ops, would love to talk! I’m looking for help refining our sales process, so any tips would be great. I can definitely help out with any and all things sales related, so don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

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Hey :hand_splayed: I’m Arnon! I live in San Francisco and I'm a Senior front-end developer with 10+ years of experience in JavaScript and CSS. Looking to share knowledge and learn more about Operations, so will be reading along and will share when I can! If you need advice/feedback on anything related to engineering, let me know!


Hey everybody. Or Egozi here. I’m a Lead Product Designer that is in the process of hiring. I’m interested in learning how to grow my team from an operationally efficient perspective. I’m excited to see a community like this finally being created, and I look forward to helping anyone with their product design questions! #opsrocks!

Hi All! My name is Brett Li. I’ve spent my entire career in b2b tech companies in the Bay Area, spending time in sales engineering, PM, PMM, and now leading marketing. I’m really interested in engaging with other operations leaders on how to quickly, efficiently, and creatively hone cross-functional operations from marketing to sales to finance to legal and more–especially in growing startups. I think a community like this is long overdue. Looking forward to chatting!

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Hey All! I’m Mary O’Carroll, Director of Legal Operations at Google and President at CLOC. At Google, I oversee aspects of financial performance management, outside counsel management,
systems/tools, and internal operations.

I’m thrilled a community like this exists— one where we can, as operators, optimize our processes through shared knowledge.

Please come to me for anything Legal Ops related, or with questions about process improvement and business planning. 

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Hey All! Carmel here. I come from a background in recruiting/people operations and am always looking for ways to improve our processes as we scale the team. I can help anyone looking to implement HR systems for SMB’s. 

Excited to be a part of this! 

Hi Everyone!  I am Eric Hall and my background is primarily in biotech and pharma operations, currently working in a lab automation manufacturer.  I am excited to add more connections and to have another forum for bouncing ideas and learning best practices.  We will be moving to ISO9001 in the next year so that has a lot of interest for me.  Excited to be part of the community!




My name is Kalpana Chandrasekhar, and I am excited to be part of the AdaptivOps community. I most recently was the VP of Customer Experience at HotelTonight. Prior to that, I was at SurveyMonkey, where I helped to launch a new B2B enterprise business.


I love developing talent and building community and look forward to getting to know you all. I’m currently consulting and open to however I can help on the operations front (customer service, customer success, HR). And, I am happy to help if anyone has questions on managing and scaling remote teams (I did this with a team of 100+ at HotelTonight), scaling up and down customer support quickly, and job search consulting/guidance, to name a few areas. Feel free to reach out. 


I’ll be on a panel hosted by Adaptive Operations on April 15th from 9:30-11am PST discussing “How Operations Leaders Stay Agile in Times of Crises,” alongside a great group. Looking forward to hopefully seeing some of you there!

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Hi everyone,

I’m on the Process and Automation team at Salesforce within Enterprise Ops, I have launched an assortment of automation projects leveraging Infrastructure, Integrations, Analytics, and AI to help streamline the business, as well as rebuilding the Ops org to track and measure everything to figure out what we solve next. 

I look forward to bringing some of our stories here and to learning from some of yours! 



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Hi all, 

My name is Brandon Blahnik and I have spent the last 3 years as the Head of Service Operations at Corkcicle and the 7 years before that with the Orlando Magic managing client service teams. I have had the opportunity to wear a lot of different hats in my previous roles including customer service and account management leadership, customer experience improvements, business and service operations projects, and change management. I’m looking forward to contributing to and learning from the other operations leaders here!

I worked in hospitality in the field of marketing and design. I am glad to be a part of AdaptivOps and I am willing to share the best of my knowledge and experience. I look forward to learning from others as well!


Hello all! My name is Jason Reichl; I’m the CEO of Go Nimbly.


Who/What Have I Done?

  • I worked in advertising and marketing early in my career.
  • I worked in SaaS as part of CS and Marketing after working on the creative side at ad firms. 
  • I lead global implementations and business strategy for Salesforce’s earliest SI and managed a group of 500 plus sales ops consultants.
  • I became VP of Product at a couple of SaaS companies; one of the companies became a unicorn company.
  • I had the realization that at most high growth organizations, GO TO MARKET operations across the industry wasn’t respected or needed to be where it should be and started Go Nimbly part subscription-based service company part operations product company.
  • In the beginning, we said we unified the tech stack. I evolved into being a RevOps evangelist and began speaking about this exciting methodology shift in 2018. 
  • Go Nimbly works with the best SaaS companies and has developed an understanding of what works operationally prioritized by the inflection point of the organization.  
  • Go Nimbly is growing by 100% year over year because the market is excited about the promise of RevOps, which we’ve seen is a 26% increase in LTV of your customer by filling operationalizing and filling in the gaps of their buying journey. 
  • I am an avid professional development nut and run my team on the idea that being a generalist is more powerful and useful in operations than a specialist. 
  • I am a musician and have made music under many band names; for the last ten years, I’ve been in the indie rock band Giggle Party. 
  • I do improv, stand up comedy, and write sketches around San Francisco.
  • I make games because I love incorporating fun and play into work, my game God Hates Charades is available at Urban Outfitters, Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, and game retailers around the country.

Why join this community?

I love being an operator. I love thinking about the strategy, tools, enablement, and insights that drive business.  I think operators are untapped revenue team members. 

I practice intentional org design and have been a design thinker since my earliest advertising days. I believe that RevOps is a mindset, and it has the power to transform organizations. 

I want to be where good conversations are. I want to add value.


How can you help others in the community?

I won’t be pitching “Go Nimbly” here, but being the CEO of a company with operational insight into many innovative SaaS companies allows us to see a lot. I think I can provide context and best practices to this community. 


Hi everyone!  My name is Alisa Goldschmidt. My current title is Director of Sales Operations and Field Marketing at ManagedMethods, a cloud application security company that sells into the K-12 school sector.

My career has almost entirely been spent in the tech industry, where I’ve held  B2B Marketing roles with a focus on demand generation. Both sales and marketing operations have been part of my responsibilities throughout my career, sometimes officially, but often not. In the past year, I have transitioned away from marketing into a Sales Ops/Sales Enbalbement role, which  I’m enjoying. And despite using Salesforce throughout my career, I just recently earned my Salesforce Certified Administrator designation.

I joined the Community to meet other ops professionals and learn what paths my career can follow next.

I can help the other community members with connections, proofreading/editing, and brainstorming!


Hello!!! My name is DuPree Potter. I am currently the VP of Marketing Operations at Bank of America Merchant Services. I have over 20 years of financial services experience. I am a dynamic and innovative senior level corporate executive equipped with a wealth of experience in achieving operational success.  Possessing a progressive aptitude for business process mapping, organizational change management, strategic planning, and compliance. Acting as a major contributor and driver of revenue within various organizations. Skilled in people development, with a passion for conceptualizing strategic direction and developing tactical business plans to stimulate profitable growth

I joined the Community to meet other ops professionals, potential opportunities as I continue to grow as a professional. I can assist with connections withing this industry or address any questions or insight related to operations.   



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Hey All! I’m Mary O’Carroll, Director of Legal Operations at Google and President at CLOC. At Google, I oversee aspects of financial performance management, outside counsel management,
systems/tools, and internal operations.

I’m thrilled a community like this exists— one where we can, as operators, optimize our processes through shared knowledge.

Please come to me for anything Legal Ops related, or with questions about process improvement and business planning. 

Hi Mary!

i would love to connect! I have been trying to get more involved with CLOC and would so appreciate the opportunity to chat with you about that and all things Legal Ops!




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Hi there- I’m Joanna Medin and very excited to become a part of an Ops based community. Long overdue and kudos for creating this forum! I’ve spent my career in Operations- from structuring startups to manufacturing to product development and building teams. I prefer hardware to software; I like to see, feel and touch products, and I am currently CEO of OntheMuV, where we are introducing the miniTREAD® and Sitmill® to the market this summer- a great way to burn calories, walk and exercise safely, while seated, at any age.  I look forward to sharing my own experiences, learning from others and growing the community. Feel free to reach out! 

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Hi all - I am Venky Iyer and I am currently the Head of Analytics, Business Planning and Operations at Facebook. Prior to joining Facebook, I spent five years at Salesforce in Sales Strategy and GTM Operations. Prior to Salesforce, I worked in Consulting helping clients across several industries address their operational challenges.

Over the past five years I have delivered numerous sessions across various companies on best practices with respect to sales planning, territory modeling, sales operations and analytics. I have delivered executive briefing conferences at Dreamforce and part of Salesforce’s partner community to help our customers and partners with their business challenges. I joined AdaptivOps with a quest for increased collaboration of best practices amongst the Ops community. I look forward to learning from all of you, continue sharing lessons from my experience and grow this awesome community together.

Hello Everyone! I am Rina, the People & Office Manager at Saleswhale (a Series A Startup)! 

Most of my career has been working in reporting & analytics in banking & finance operations, also did a brief 3year stint in media. pivoted towards operations work after I took a sabbatical of sorts, and this is where i am now! 

The reason why I joined AdaptiveOps was to collaborate and find other like minded individuals and professionals who take pride in their work and are not shy about sharing their knowledge! Ultimately I am hoping to make Ops my 2nd career, and also to be more open and knowledgeable on the latest Ops-related tools and technologies. 

I would love to share my experiences and pains of working in Ops in a Series A startup, and how we circumvented or resolved some of the major pains. Thank you for reading till here! 




Hi All! 

I’m Susan Packal, Director of Legal Operations & Chief of Staff at Twilio here in San Francisco.  I’ve been with Twilio going on two years now and have 20 years of experience in HR, operations and as a chief of staff.  

I joined AdaptivOps to meet more folks in the community, share my experiences and learn more about yours!

See you in the Community!



Hi Everyone,


I’m Joan Roy.  After many years in Sales Ops leadership positions I’m exploring building a consulting practice in this area.  I joined AdaptivOps to learn from you and your varied experiences.


Looking forward to it!



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Welcome @Joan  & @spackal! Thrilled to have your knowledge in this community!

Hi! I’m Jen Bergren, Client Services Manager at Remotish, a HubSpot RevOps agency for B2B SaaS companies.

I have had several careers so I’m not sure my professional background can be brief, but it went something like this: graphic designer at magazines and brands, photography business owner who loved the marketing/business/operations side, MBA student, martech agency consultant which evolved into a RevOps agency manager.


I love Ops and communities so was excited to find this community! I am also writing a book on RevOps so am looking for many different viewpoints and perspectives on ops, learning through many communities.


How I can help the community is by sharing the knowledge I am gaining from my interviews of RevOps professionals and also the knoweldge from working in my current role.


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