Introducing Your New Community Co-Chairs!

  • 26 June 2020
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Hey Ops Peeps, 

This week, I’m very pleased to announce 2 additions to the AdaptivOps leadership team! Many of you know @Melanie Rohat-Meheust & @adamjackowitz from the forum, virtual coffee chats, and webinars. And I’m very happy to say they have both accepted Chair positions within this community! 

With 24+ years of combined experience leading operations, they will add a layer of expertise and leadership within this community that propel us into our next chapter of growth. 

What Can you Expect from Your Chairs?

  • Moderated virtual coffee chats: Melanie & Adam will be using their operational experience to develop thoughtful topics and a new moderation structure for our weekly virtual coffee chats. Melanie will be hosting her first next week, check out her topic and RSVP here. If you have any suggestions for topics, please message any of us, we’d love to hear from you!
  • Forum moderation: Not only will our chairs be posting relevant topics to the forum, they will be moderating conversations, sparking interesting discussions, and growing engagement.
  • Maintaining a high level of service for you: As each new member joins, they will be greeted by our Co-Chairs to consult, discuss, and get to the root of their needs as they relate to operations. 

With us having broken 100 members this week (yay!), their added leadership and experience will help us maintain the personal touch that this community is known for, while helping it grow to its next phase. 

Please congratulate/introduce yourself to our chairs below, and check out our blog post to learn more about their background and experience!


Article: Introducing Our 2 New Community Co-Chairs: Adam Jackowitz & Mèlanie Rohat-Meheust


2 replies

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Thanks for the warm introduction, @Briana Okyere! Excited for the opportunity and looking forward to meeting many more AdaptivOps Community members. Please feel free to reach out both here and on LinkedIn to get to know one another. Also, be sure to tell your Ops friends and colleagues about the community!


Have a great weekend.


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Thanks Briana! I am excited to meeting all of you. We already have a few topics we are curious about and would love to discuss with you, but more importantly, I would love to hear what you want to talk about, and what is top of your mind!

Bring your questions and observations, I am looking forward to learning and sharing with this growing community!


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