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  • 3 April 2020
  • 6 replies

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Hey Ops Peeps, 

As I’m sure you’re aware, COVID-19 has led to massive lay-offs across industries, and many in operations are affected. If you have lost your job due to COVID-19 and are looking for your next opportunity in operations, please reply here with:

  • The type of opportunity you are looking for
  • A brief summary of your qualifications
  • Attach your resume

I hope this lends some support! 

6 replies

Good Afternoon,

My name is Dana and I am looking for new remote HR opportunities. 

My qualifications: I have over 10 years of HR operations experience including creating offer letters, onboarding/offboarding, employee benefits administration and HRIS data management. I am passionate about improving the employee experience in an organization as well as process improvement. 

Please see a link to my resume below:



Hi Ops Friends! 


My name is Nick, and I was laid off today from Hopper, which was hit hard from from within the travel industry. Being a start up, I wore many hats during my time there, and thus am open to opportunities on a pretty wide range of fields right now. Operations, training, support, implementation, systems management and project management are all things I have worked on in the last two years, particularly the last two. 

Here is my resume, which I hope will piece together a lot of these disparate sounding roles. In short, I happy to help you scale your team in whatever capacity I may fit :)

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Hi Everyone,

Early in my career, I cut my teeth @ Forrester, led implementation projects @ Modernizing Medicine during a company scaling period from 170 - 800+ employees, and co-founded Fetch Labs (our app for pet parents was nationally recognized winning awards from NestlePurina and Mars/Petco). Most recently I've streamlined operations at Swing (Silicon Valley-based search firm) leading us to increase revenue by +61% YOY.

  • Currently looking for sales ops / biz ops / recruiting ops / CS ops - type opportunities
  • Looking for remote-only (based in south Florida)
  • Resume here

Thanks for keeping an eye out, and happy to do the same!

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Just want to follow-up on this thread with the great news that @Nicolas Botero secured his next role in operations! Always nice to see a win, congratulations Nicolas!

My name is DuPree Potter I am a dynamic and innovative senior level corporate executive equipped with a wealth of experience in achieving operational success.  Possessing a progressive aptitude for business process mapping, organizational change management, strategic planning, and compliance. Acting as a major contributor and driver of revenue within various organizations. Skilled in people development, with a passion for conceptualizing strategic direction and developing tactical business plans to stimulate profitable growth. I am looking for operational opportunities within financial services.



Thanks so much for posting this! We recently had to let go 15% of staff at Compass. A few internal volunteers and I created a public resume showcase for these folks (with their opt-in of course). We have tons of INCREDIBLE Ops people from all over the US on this site. It is interactive, so you can filter by different areas of interest and geographies. Please let me know if you have any questions at all and good luck to everyone out there. We will all get through this. 


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