What area of your company is most affected by COVID-19?

  • 1 April 2020
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Hey All, 

I’m curious— what area of your company is most affected by COVID-19?

5 replies


@Carmel Shrem definitely sales for us. We’re B2B, and as I’m sure most people are seeing, larger corporations are going into “survival mode”, which means sales revenue may be deferred up to 6 months. We’re preparing for that, but also still pushing ahead strong. We got a couple pilots signed last week, which is a great sign. 

The two biggest problems we face right now are both logistics related.  I am having trouble getting materials from Europe due to the drastic reduction in flights.  Additionally we can’t get our field service team engaged with our clients due to travel restrictions and company shutdowns.  Our sales are actually not down much, but our ability to install the purchased systems and service them is greatly impacted.


@Eric Hall can’t imagine what a nightmare international shipping is right now, I feel for you! Have you been able to come up with a solution?

On our end, we’re seeing our customers use our operations software at a higher rate than normal to account for massive lay-offs within their organizations. This is causing things to break on the development side, so that’s an area that’s taking up a lot of our attention lately. Also seeing sales take a hit, but overall not nearly as impacted as some. 

According to the situation and the world economic conditions, it is going to be hard to operate in manufacturing and other related industries.

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Our company sold direct to consumer online (about 15% of our revenue) and 85% to other wholesale accounts . The wholesale side of our business came to an abrupt halt, while the DTC side rolled on. 

About 30% of our staff was cut. This included a couple of new sales reps that weren’t going to be producing revenue for some time, a few marketing folks that had focus on events and influencers, some of our customer service staff due to a decrease in our inbound traffic, and a couple of operations staff that were responsible for the executing orders that were no longer coming in. 

I was the head of service operations and my role was also cut. With virtually no new wholesale orders coming in, a drastic cut to my staff, and a pause on most of our projects there wasn’t much left for me to manage and our leadership anticipated a slow recovery in those area’s. 


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