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  • 27 April 2020
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HI all! Curious what solutions folks are using for salary benchmarking. Just particiapted in a demo of’s CompAnalyst… interested to hear what other solutions folks like and have used successfully…





3 replies

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Good question Mike! I’ve had good luck with PayScale, you can benchmark a few jobs on the free plan, and the paid option is not too bad either. They also provide insights and research into the market. 

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Great question, @Mike Denker. During my time with Swing (search firm), our team was frequently asked about comp studies/data points. These requests often came from our direct clients or their respective VCs.

Swing’s sister company, SwingDev, built a great tool called Option Impact. The tool provides a great in-depth output of comp data based on a number of different data points (including but not limited to geography, leveling, funding round, etc).

You are also able to see how old the data is depending on the query.

As a bonus, it’s free to create an account for any private, venture-backed company:


Hope this helps!


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Our HR team used Payscale as well and said it provided a ton of helpful information for them. It wasn’t a tool that I spent any time in directly but was referenced any time we were looking to add new roles to determine pay range.


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