Do you have a Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19?

  • 23 March 2020
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Hey All, 

I’ve been reading up on business continuity planning in light of the recent pandemic. I want to be fully prepared for the effect this could potentially have on the operations of my company in the long term. I’ve included some resources below for anyone interested.

But I’m curious, how is your company adjusting its business continuity plan to account for COVID-19?



3 replies

Great post @Arnon Lafer . This is something that should be top of mind for everyone. We started with creating 3 scenarios— COVID-19 has a low impact, COVID-19 has a medium impact, and COVID-19 has a high impact on the business. From there, we looked at each aspect of the business, and mapped out what a low, medium, and high impact would look like. 

In addition to revenue, we had to take a deeper look at our remote work functionality, and make sure things were set up operationally for different lengths of time. Message me if you’d like to chat on a call and I can walk you through our process. Also great resources. How to Prepare Your Organization for the Coronavirus Outbreak is a nice high-level look at where to get started.

Hey @Arnon Lafer,

Great question! It’s an interesting time right now figuring out how to balance your personal worries with serving as a leader of your organization dedicated to keeping operations running! My company released our pandemic procedure here. Similar to what @Omry Berkovitch mentioned, we planned for the pandemic with a Stage 0-4 approach. As an essential business, we’re unable to close but we have fully transitioned to the most lean version of our operation. We have identified all essential job tasks and have made plans & back up plans to ensure their completion. 

Interested to hear how both essential and non-essential businesses are flexing to manage business continuity.  


@lkennedy Thanks for sharing your company’s pandemic procedure, lays it out nicely step by step, which has been difficult for me to find through research online. Also curious to see how essential and non essential businesses are handling this.

I saw that the Director of Legal Ops at Google is going to be giving her take on how they’re adjusting to the recent changes on the AdaptivOps webinar, should be interesting to see how this all shakes out! 


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