Any tool suggestions for remote communication?

  • 19 March 2020
  • 2 replies

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Hey Ops Peeps, 

I know there are a ton of tools out there for remote work, and we’re already using a lot of them. 

But is there something out there like slack that allows easier/quicker voice communication? Want it to feel more like we’re in the office and can “Tap each other on the shoulder”

Anything out there like that?

2 replies

Hey @Daniel Moore try using Discord, it’s similar to slack but you can verbally chat in any channel you join with your co-workers. You can mute and unmute at any time. It gives that “watercooler chat” or “tap on the shoulder” effect that you’re looking for. 

+1 for discord, great tool that has been helpful during the operations nightmare that is coronavirus :expressionless:


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