Virtual Coffee w/ Community - Session 2 - Scaling Your Operations

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We had a great chat with @adamjackowitz @Melanie Rohat-Meheust @Marco Gancayco with a special thanks to @Briana Okyere for facilitation and coordination!

The general consensus centred around employee experience and keeping an eye on this while scaling. However, you can come up with a plan that takes this into account, with short, medium and long term goals to make sure that the entire company is supported during this time.

Key Takeaways

  • @Melanie: Often when a company starts growing and scaling, they wait until they hit a wall where they need to change a ton of things in their operations. So when an ops leader is thinking about scale, they must try and anticipate what they can do now to prevent issues in the future.
  • @Adam: Be prepared before you know that you need to be prepared. It’s a critical time for ops professionals, there’s a need for people like us to jump in and take the reins and think about what the workplace should look like, what do all the components of what operations touch look like, and how can that be set up for scale.
  • @Sherri: When it comes to scale, many companies wait to hire until teams are overwhelmed, then make quick decisions about who to hire, which can end up in a less-than-positive onboarding experience and integration. This has a direct impact on both the culture and retention. 
  • @Marco: A poor culture can inhibit your ability to scale your operations.

On a personal note, this was a such a great introduction to being able to connect with others in the community, I encourage everyone to attend one! Reach out to @Briana Okyere to learn more!

Stay safe!



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Awesome @smcgurnaghan thanks for sharing! These seem really valuable and I can’t wait to join the next one.

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Ditto to what @Arnon Lafer said! Looking forward to continuing this convo on the scaling ops webinar.

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Awesome @smcgurnaghan thanks for sharing! These seem really valuable and I can’t wait to join the next one.

Can’t wait to connect with you and @Carmel Shrem!


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