Virtual Coffee w/ Community - Session 1

  • 30 April 2020
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The week is almost over (yes for those who are curious, today is Thursday)!

This morning was the first Virtual Coffee w/ Community session. We had great conversation led by @Briana Okyere, with insights shared from @Melanie Rohat-Meheust, @Brandon Blahnik, @Nicolas Botero and yours truly.

Today’s chat was centered around finding ops-related opportunities during the pandemic. We shared strategies that have worked, others that haven’t, and kicked around ideas for embracing the greater AdaptivOps network. There are some phenomenal people in this community worth getting to know!

For those interested in joining one of these sessions, follow up with Briana to learn more.

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2 replies

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I really enjoyed the time getting to chat with the group today. For anyone that was not on the call today that is also looking for Ops roles right now, I am happy to talk through some of the advice the group shared on the call today. Feel free to connect with me on linkedin at and we can find some time to chat!

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Thanks Adam! Was a great discussion and I enjoyed hearing all of your insights on the current hiring landscape. 

To join the next Virtual Coffee with Community, please RSVP here:

We’re also continuing the discussion on the hiring landscape next week with a webinar hosted by @Max Shapiro, @Jamie Ceglarz, and @Richard Sgro

Have a great weekend everyone!


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