Recruiting Roundtable: How to Get Hired in Operations

  • 23 April 2020
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Hey Ops People, 

Max Shapiro here, I’m the Founder & CEO of PeopleConnect Staffing, a 20+ year old company I built to help early-stage high-tech companies find the talent they need to succeed. We all know the job market has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. So myself, @Richard Sgro, @Jamie Ceglarz, and @Briana Okyere thought it would be valuable to put together a virtual roundtable session to help people in operations who are looking for work during this difficult time. I’ve included details below, please check them out and join us if you can

Recruiting Roundtable: How to Get Hired in Operations


Topics Covered

  • Tackling a remote job hunt
  • The current hiring landscape in operations
  • Leveraging community to secure your next job
  • Open positions in operations

I’d also like to leave this thread open for any questions or comments from the community on the topic. And if you are hiring or looking for a your next role, please post it to the AdaptivOps Job Board!


5 replies

Recruiting in a down economy and while remote is a tricky situation, I’m looking forward to sharing what i’m seeing out in market and to meeting everyone!

Thanks to Briana for putting this together!​​


Really excited to join forces with Jame & Max to bring an amazing program to this community. In times of uncertainty, we need communities (professional AND personal) more than ever. Hopefully you can join us!


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thanks for taking the time to do this. Will you be sharing the recording afterwards?


thanks and see you soon!

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@Melanie Rohat-Meheust yes the recording was sent to you via email, but you probably sent this note before you received it :). 

Want to say thank you for all who contributed to the discussion! 

To our panelists @Max Shapiro, @Jamie Ceglarz, and @Richard Sgro

And to our community members who posted thoughtful questions and responses: @Melanie Rohat-Meheust @adamjackowitz @Daniel Moore @Maxwell Chen and others! Feel free to use this thread to continue the conversation.

Those who RSVP’d received the recording but I will be posting one accessible to all shortly, in addition to a blog post summarizing the webinar. 

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For those who missed the session, you can access the recording here!



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