Beyond tactics: operating differently to drive success

  • 24 July 2020
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What is the common trait of companies distinguishing themselves from others in a specific industry?

I was looking at lists such as "Best places to work at" and "top companies" and wanted to explore what makes a company more successful than their competitors.

For example, Zappos has been named best place to work at multiple times. Did you know that after 1 week of training, they offer to pay employees to quit? This incentive helps them retain only the most engaged employees. They also practice Holacracy.

Similarly, Pixar became famous for being the best animation studio and only creating and producing successes. What they were doing differently: the Braintrust, a peer forum which has no authority, practices radical candor and ensures the creative excellence of the movies.

Have you tried different ways to operate? For example Zero Based Budgeting (Texas Instrument), Holocracy (Zappos), has it worked for you?

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